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Marlay Point

Sunday 16 Aug- went to see the Silt Jetties in Lake King, part of the Gippsland Lake area, and this is the pic from where we had morning tea showing the river beside the Jetties, some 7km long, and a washed out cliff at the start of the Jetties.

Silt Jetties start with river

Silt Jetties start with river

Arrived at Marlay Point Reserve Rest Area which is here:

and found this:

Also here is a video for your enjoyment & edification:

Monday 17 Aug was pretty cold & wet and we hid inside the van most of the day with the precious diesel heater taking the chill off things quite nicely.
Tuesday 18 Aug was better with some sun and just a few bouts of rain. Here is more of the Marlay Point Reserve:

Tomorrow we are off on a river cruise on the Thompson River and then on to find a spot by the sea on 90 Mile Beach.





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