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Heyfield 2 nights, then Newry 3 nights

Tuesday, 25 August – was either Gormandale or Heyfield depending on what ambience suited us ๐Ÿ™‚

Gormandale was OK, right in town but all the campsite area was wet & soggy (boggy) so the vote went to Heyfield and we found a very nice possie at the Middle Oval Heyfield RV Stop here:

Here is video:

and the pics for our arrival:

Wednesday 26 August, Kym went for ride to explore the area and the Rail Trails, Gerri walked around the Wetlands Reserve. Aaaaaaand heeeres the inevitable pics:

Thursday 27 August – off again to check out a free camp at Cheynes Bridge Camping Area. This was also very nice (and soggy). Right on the Macalister River with plenty of space, loos and lots of walking/riding trails.

Misty mountains and wet roads on way to Cheynes Bridge

Misty mountains and wet roads on way to Cheynes Bridge

Decided it was a little toooooo damp and so progressed to Newry Rest Reserve to settle in here:

ย and the pics:

Friday 28 August – Kym ventured out on one of his normal rides around the region and found:

Saturday 29 August – we decided to do a circuit tour and reconnoiter the Blue Pool camp spot for a possible stay.
Here is theย Newry -Briagolong – Stratford (on Avon River) – Maffra – Newryย  tour loop route:

No pics of the tour, just these at our Newry camp spot on the day:

Tomorrow, Sunday 30 August, off to check out a possible camp at Metung. Going via Bruthen, just because ๐Ÿ™‚ as per:

See you at Metung

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Wilsons Promontory

Wilsons Promontory (The Prom)

Well,ย Sunday 23 August,ย  we departed 90 Mile Beach and found our way to Port Albert , was a tad ‘uninviting’ being in a car park in the middle of town and on a busy boat ramp. So we had a nice lunch of fish & chips overlooking the harbour (see pics).

Pressed on to theย  Toora freecamp.
This camp was potentially great, by the river, away from traffic, loos, plenty of water and that was the rub, so much water on the ground making it very damp & soggy and not good for putting 4 tonne van & car on – memories of Four Mile Creek out of Brewarrina.
Sooooooo it was onto Yanakie Caravan Park (yes, ANOTHER Van Park) but it was closer to the Prom as seen in this pic.

The Prom from our Yanakie Van Park

The Prom from our Yanakie Van Park

Monday 24 August – Here is a map showing where the Van Park is and the route to Tidal River, the centre of Info, admin & accommodation in the Prom.
The Mount Bishop Walk and the Lilly Pilly Gully Nature Walk track are both a couple of Ks back from Tidal River.

Tuesday, 25 August is off to either Gormandale or Heyfield.

๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s see what ambience suits us ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cruise & 90 Mile Beach

Wednesday 19 Aug, we left Marlay Point at a record 7.45am to catch a river cruise on the Thompson River and here is the story in pics:

Arrived at 90 Mile Beach in Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, VIC which is here:

and settled in:

and here is a 90 Mile Beachย  in Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, VIC sunrise:

Thursday 20 Aug – Kym went for an exploratory ride around –

Friday 21 Aug – a few pics for today:

Saturday 22 Aug – a few pics for our last day here:

Today, Sunday 23 August, off to Port Albert or Toora, both free camps. Will check out Port Albert first.

This may be our launching point to see Wilsons Promontary. Cannot afford to stay in the Park at $55/night for an unpowered site ……. wafore …….. a few sq.mts of ground & a long drop dunny ….. don’t think so!

See you there.



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Marlay Point

Sunday 16 Aug- went to see the Silt Jetties in Lake King, part of the Gippsland Lake area, and this is the pic from where we had morning tea showing the river beside the Jetties, some 7km long, and a washed out cliff at the start of the Jetties.

Silt Jetties start with river

Silt Jetties start with river

Arrived at Marlay Point Reserve Rest Area which is here:

and found this:

Also here is a video for your enjoyment & edification:

Monday 17 Aug was pretty cold & wet and we hid inside the van most of the day with the precious diesel heater taking the chill off things quite nicely.
Tuesday 18 Aug was better with some sun and just a few bouts of rain. Here is more of the Marlay Point Reserve:

Tomorrow we are off on a river cruise on the Thompson River and then on to find a spot by the sea on 90 Mile Beach.





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Murrungowar, Marlo and Log Crossing Camp

Tuesday 11 Aug we left Genoa after connecting on our last night with our friends Tony & Anne who live just down the road from us in Tathra. They went a bought a new van and probably won’t want to be seen with us now in our 19 yr old Scenic Galaxy.

Headed for a one nighter at Murrungowar:


Next day, Wednesday 12 Aug, we were going to stay at a freecamp near Marlo however Gerri was feeling a bit ‘butchers’ and needed a nice shower etc so, wait for it ……………. we splashed out actual $$$$ at the Marlo Ocean Views Caravan Park. We did get to walk on a Snowy River beach track something like this that was opposite the van park :

Thursday, 13 Aug, morning Gerri was decidedly better, departed Marlo and, after a restocking at Lakes Entrance, made our way to Log Crossing Picnic Area in Coloqhuon State Forest, about 10ks south out of Lakes Entrance.
We spent 3 nights here and here is the photo journey:
First a little video scripted, directed, produced & played by Kym –

The camp area –

Our first day, Friday 14 Aug, at Log Crossing Gerri lazed around & went for a Tram Trail walk whilst Kym got serious with the Single Tracks in the forest. Here is the proof:

Second day, Saturday 15 Aug, was more reserved with an easy ride to the Granite Quarry and return to complete a 25 odd km loop via the Gippsland Rail Trail proper and a few well maintained forest roads:



Today, Sunday 16 Aug,ย  onto Marlay Point,ย  we hope.

See you there.










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Genoa for four nights

Arrived at Genoa Fri arvo and settled in for at least a few days.

Here is the 3 day story in pics:


Not sure where to from here …………………….. see next edition.



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